6 Practical Ways Stow Supports Employee Mental Health

Our team takes a holistic approach to benefits, understanding that people are more than just responsible for themselves and their time at work. They have families, friends, and communities to consider and support. Our goal is to empower employees at The Stow Company to take care of their whole self, which includes providing support for their mental health.

Supporting mental health is one way our team lives out our shared commitment to DRIVE, one of our core values. It's important to recognize when you need help – and we all need help! – and to use the tools and resources available to ensure individual success.

Here are a few of our key mental health resources available to all employees at Stow:

Vacation and Sick Time
Time away from work for pleasure and for recovery is vital to employee wellbeing. We offer a generous compensation package that includes paid time off for both vacation and sick days.

Mental Health Counseling
We know it's hard to concentrate on work when you have worries at home. Mental health counseling helps you and your loved ones gain access to a trusted, accessible counselor. Team members at Stow have access to mental health counseling for both themselves and their household.

Childcare and Elder Care Coordination
Providing care for children or seniors in your network can sometimes be a source of stress. We offer a consultation service to help employees determine their needs and budget, and then connect them with care providers in their area. We believe it is crucial to help employees manage their home life through these practical services.

Life Coaching
We all feel stagnant at times—wanting to move in a different direction, but not sure how to get there. Our team members have access to life coaching services to facilitate both personal and professional growth. We want to ensure that employees are able to set goals and take tangible steps to meet them, whether it's related to their career or personal life.

Legal and Financial Services Coordination
Many times employees face a challenging situation and don't know where to turn for professional assistance. The weight of worry and stress can take a toll on mental health. After a brief consultation, our team members have access to recommendations for trusted professional services in our area, like attorneys and financial advisors. You also receive access to these preferred providers at a discounted rate.

Nurse Consultation
The link between physical and mental wellness is strong. Our team members can reach out to our resident nurse care manager for basic guidance on next steps for a variety of health issues. This professional guidance helps point employees in the right direction and is easily accessible for a quick consultation.

At Stow, we aim to be a force of good for both our consumers and our team members. In addition to competitive pay, an outstanding culture, and rapid growth opportunities, we have a robust mental health support system to which all team members have access. Questions about career opportunities or our benefits package? Reach out to careers@thestowcompany.com.

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