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Agile Environment

As a force for growth and prosperity, we make decisions quickly, and we don't get caught up in what could bog us down.

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Every Person Matters

Everyone within the Stow Company has a role that is vital to driving us where we want to go. There are ample opportunities available for those who are hungry to grow their career.

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Impact Lives

Our consumer-driven and innovative product development creates solutions that make people's lives simpler and smarter.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a force of growth and prosperity for our team members, dealers, consumers, and local economies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our consumers organize their lives and provide them with a sense of inner calm by eliminating the stress that comes with disorder and clutter.

Our Recipe for Building a Culture of Winning

The pillars we hold ourselves to, day in and day out.


In a high performance work environment, candor is kindness. Give your peers constructive criticism, ensure your communication doesn't lack clarity, argue your point of view, disagree and commit, and provide responsive, timely, and regular feedback.


The key to delivering success is holding yourself and your teammates accountable to delivering results. Do this by communicating clear expectations, being 100% present, and living up to commitments. Don't complain about someone or something; have the courage to address them/it in person.


Think through the implications of your decisions and actions in advance. Be thorough to ensure accuracy, but don't get bogged down by unnecessary details. Ensure everyone understands WHO does WHAT by WHEN.


Keep a strong bias toward action, without being haphazard. Determine the risk profile and make a decision. Have courage to admit when something isn't working, and cut your losses. You fully reserve the right to be smarter tomorrow than you are today.


It's important to recognize and admit when you need help (we all do at times!). Set others up to succeed and maintain an obsession with executional excellence.

Looking to Grow with Stow?

As a growing company, Stow is always in search of talented, passionate people. If you're interested in working for a dynamic and innovative company, explore our opportunities and apply today!

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